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          收藏網(wǎng)站| 設為首頁(yè)| 聯(lián)系我們




          熱門(mén)關(guān)鍵詞: 工業(yè)門(mén) 滑升門(mén) 快速門(mén) 硬質(zhì)快速門(mén) 平開(kāi)門(mén) 廠(chǎng)房門(mén) 裝卸平臺 推拉門(mén) 卷簾門(mén) 快速卷簾門(mén) 折疊門(mén) 防爆門(mén) 車(chē)庫門(mén)



          Company profile

          Kunming Minghe Automatic Door Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with high-efficiency industrial door overall solutions, integrating study and research,technology import, design and installation, and whole process service. It is an excellent industrial door integrated supplier service provider in the southwest region. Since its establishment, Minghe has always adhered to the development concept of creating value for customers, building a credit system, building a professional brand, and achieving win-win cooperation, and Minghe has long attached importance to the training of employees' professional capabilities and the improvement of comprehensive quality. with continuous development and innovation, Minghe’s product line has fully covered the entire line of sliding doors, factory doors, horizontal sliding doors, fast doors, stacking doors, folding doors, rolling doors, side-hung doors, explosion doors, hangar doors, fire garage doors, etc. Minghe’s industrial door products have accumulated rich engineering cases and application experience, and won the trust and praise of the market and customers.

          Looking forward to the future, Minghe will continue to provide customers with professional solutions, high-quality products and perfect services with diligence and wisdom. Minghe will go hand in hand with the majority of new and old customers to create a better future!